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Friday, August 11, 2006

"Would you like to help the Democrats take back congress?"

Yes. I was actually asked that question today. My response was a polite "No, thanks". I fail to understand how my signing his piece of paper on a clipboard will somehow magically transform the Democratic Party into a more capable political force. I mean, I know that I am totally awesome, but I don't think that even I could compensate for that level of impotence.

Anyways, that's about enough about politics. It's a subject I avoid whenever possible.

So far that's been the only complaint I have about San Francisco (or at least Market St.). There are forty billion (that's an exaggeration, kids) people trying to get you to sign something. Oh, and the worst so far have been the "Save the Kids" people. First of all, if you're so concerned about the goddamn kids, then why are you coming at me with a hard sales pitch? I worked a year for Block Buster, a large corporate entity. I know what a hard sell is, I've done them myself (and I'm not bad at it either). In all honesty, I've considered sponsoring a kid before, seems like a pretty okay thing to do. But as of right now I've just moved out for the first time and I'm in "scraping by" mode until I get a job. So I asked them for their website, and they said they had one, but wouldn't give it to me because I should just sign up now if I really cared about the kids. Way to go, ass. See, if I really had no interest at all, then you weren't getting me anyways, but if I did then I'd do it myself on the website, so why risk irritating me to the point that I'm not even going to do that just to spite you guys fore being a bunch of pushy jerks? I don't know how coherent those last couple sentences were, but I get ornery just thinking about this so I apologize.

The guy said "Dude, I moved here from Arkansas and was living in my car, but my first day in the city I started sponsoring a kid." I should have responded "Congratulations, you made a stupid decision and you don't deserve the obvious luck you received to prevent it from biting you in the ass", but I'm just too nice. Come to think of it, he probably pulled it off because he just started working for them after he signed up. I would never do that, though, because at least when I'm working customer service the people have to make a conscious choice to be irritated by me.

Anyways, it's been just about a week since I got here and I must say I'm enjoying myself a vast majority of the time. Finding a job has been a little bit more difficult than I planned on, but that's not really anything to worry about. I've seen a couple weird/awesome/hilarious things since I got here, and I should have a post about all of those tomorrow. For now I'm going to do a brief little blurb on the music I've been listening to since I got here, which interestingly has been a radical change from what I was listening to prior (it's all stuff I've had in my CD collection, my rotation has just changed quite a bit).

The Rentals - Return of The Rentals: Anybody who thinks Matt Sharp's departure from Weezer was not one of the integral factors in devastating drop in the band's quality post-Pinkerton should listen to this album because I guarantee you it will change your mind. Pretty much all of the good, distorted rock from the first two Weezer albums with an extra shot of fun, plus pretty lady vocals which, for me, always improves the quality of any music.

Queen - Best of: Red and Best of: Blue: I was actually starting in on my most recent Queen phase a little bit before I came up here, but now I've been listening to them quite a bit at night while reading or playing video games. I shouldn't have to explain to anyone why Queen is good, so on to the next one.

Stars - Heart: This band is just flat-out nice to listen to. Pretty keyboard-centric rock with wonderful vocals by lead singer Amy Millan (I have an unapologetic bias towards female singers, accept it). It's probably the most pleasant and relaxing music I have. Great for reading or as just nice background music. Also, Amy Millan is a member of Broken Social Scene for those of you who like to be in-the-know.

I've also been listening to a smattering of Sleater-Kinney, but that doesn't need to be mentioned because when am I not? I only bring it up because today I bought a used copy of Call The Doctor to finally complete my collection of their studio albums.

Okay, that's it for now. Tomorrow you get Slightly Interesting Stories From San Francisco.


Blogger Dorian said...

And see, even though you're completely and utterly right about the Rentals (and I know you're right because I share your opinion) I have yet to meet a Weezer fan who will even acknowledge even hearing about the Rentals. It's like they hold a grudge because he dared to quit the band.

7:18 PM

Blogger Corrin said...

a)i had to make a damned blog to comment
b)it's the 21st, where are my stories from san fran, damnit

2:13 PM

Blogger tomthedog said...

That's one big problem with San Francisco and the Bay Area in general -- you've got the aggressive panhandlers, which are bad enough, but then you've got those pushing their religious and political agendas, who are even more obnoxious and disruptive. Still, I do miss that place.

7:52 AM


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