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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Update + Bonus Content.

Didn't get around to making a post yesterday, so I'm going to tack something extra on to the end of this one to make up for it. I'm sure that you all will enjoy it.

I leave for San Francisco on Saturday. It's really weird, packing up your whole life into boxes. Even more so with the boxes I may not open for years to come, though I somehow get the feeling my reaction will be less "Oh, how nostalgic" and more "I can't believe I didn't want to just throw this crap away".

I'm moving into a house on Treasure Island, San Francisco. It is a mostly artificial island roughly equidistant between San Francisco and Oakland, though it is legally part of San Francisco. The island is serviced by San Francisco's public transit system, and it is a mere 10-minute bus ride from the island to the city via the trans-bay bridge.

The island was originally constructed to host the World's Fair, and then converted to a naval base during World War II. A portion of the enlisted men and officer's housing has been converted into a residential neighborhood, and the rest of the island is littered with countless abandoned hangars, administrative buildings, and other military facilities. Cost of living on the island is low relative to the rest of the city as it is considered a largely undesirable location and this, combined with the house being split six ways, results in my dirt-cheap rent of $450 a month.

I will be the only person living in the house that does not go to the San Francisco Art Institute. One my roommates is my best friend, and the rest are all classmates of hers I met when I took a trip up to visit about a month and a half ago. I'm going to attend San Francisco City College and eventually apply for transfer to San Francisco State and Berkeley. I am going to need a job, and I'm gunning for something in the area of music, movie, comic, or book store. I've never worked at a music or book store, but I do have experience working in a video store and a comic shop.

Speaking of work, tomorrow is my last day of it at my current job. I work at Ralph's Comic Corner in Ventura, CA and it's more or less the job I've always wanted since I was 10. It's pretty much the greatest comics shop ever. Go there and buy lots of things (end shameless plug).

There's likely a lot more I could say about the experience of moving, but I'm exhausted right now and that's all that will come to my head at the moment. More as I actually go through the process. Tomorrow I think I might list some good comics to look into for any of you reading this that don't read them (which is, come to think of it, probably very few).

Anyways, here's the bonus material: A hilarious little video brought to you by Comrade Mike, one of my very good friends. It's not really inappropriate... but not exactly appropriate, either.


Blogger Laura Dunlap said...

Your description of the island sounds like the perfect place for a superhero to live... or a supervillain to hold their secret lair.

Mmmmm.... Ancient World War II buildings....

7:59 AM


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