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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

12 Days Later...

... I actually update. Sorry. I've got about four posts worth of material floating around in my head, I just haven't had the wherewithal to update for one reason or another. As it is, I'm feeling a little more together now, so I think I can make an honest go at making this blog regular.

As promised, here are some stories from my time in San Francisco thus far.

I Can't Believe No One Else Saw That, Pt. 1:
I'm walking down Market St., trying to find a job, when I hear angry yelling. I look over to see a homeless man verbally accosting a sign informing pedestrians not to litter. The homeless man is holding a piece of paper trash (looked like maybe the paper a sandwich place wraps your sandwich in) and screaming things along the lines of "You can't tell me what to do!" and "Stop trying to control my life!". He angrily storms off after about thirty seconds. It's at this point I notice that the sign is actually attached to a trashcan. Yes, that's right, there was a trashcan there the whole time. I then realize that not one other person on the street seemed to notice this at all. The fact that this sort of thing happens often enough that the population of the city has become desensitized to it is hilarious to me.

Parties At Isotope:
Are pretty neat. I've been to two since I arrived here, and enjoyed myself at both of them. According to Ian, I missed Marv Wolfman by about 20 minutes at the first one. Bollocks. You can see a video of myself, Ian, and my friend and roommate Jennie attending one of these parties, at Ian's blog Brill Building. (Okay guys, I am computer stupid. How the hell do I insert a link into these posts?)

I Can't Believe No One Else Saw That, Pt. 2:
Another time in the general vicinity Market St., I saw a guy jog hurriedly out of an alley holding a wallet in hand. He slowed to a walk and began sifting through the wallet, pulling out the cash and credit cards. He then dumped the wallet in the trash. Mildly horrified at the possibilities this implied, I took a look down the alley, but saw nothing.

Totally Awesome Restaurants:
I found a place on Market ("found" is used loosely, as it is prominently featured on one of the largest streets in the city) called Opi's that's got pretty decent food at extremely reasonable prices, especially for Market St. You can get a burger and fries for a little less than six bucks, that's on the cheap side even by small-town Ventura standards. There is also a good, affordable sushi place called KiKi that Jennie brought be to yesterday. It is Hayao Miyazaki themed, thus making it the best restaurant that has ever existed.

Fisherman's Wharf:
Is kind of horrible. It's absolutely flooded with far too many people (most of them tourists) and the best thing I've found about it thus far is an In 'N Out. Don't go there.

If You Live On Treasure Island, No One Cares About You:
So, last night we almost ended up stranded in the city because, without warning, it was decided that the East Bay Bridge was going to undergo "nighttime construction" until 5 a.m. Fortunately we found out that there was still bus service, it was just at extremely lengthy intervals instead of the regular schedule. Crisis averted, but a very unpleasant experience. Also, twice now, they've decided to have a big freight boat come right up alongside the shore our house is on and start shooting huge, county fair-type fireworks practically right over the top of us. It's enough to rattle the windows in the house and feel the concussive force blow against your face. It's actually kind of a neat show, but if I was ever woken up by it (they do it at night) I would probably be moderately irate. We can handle it, though. Being residents of Treasure Island we are, by default, pirates and pirates are the toughest things that ever lived. Ha ha. "Irate". "Pirate". Hah.

Canvas: The Number One Watering Hole For Professional Douchebags:
Jennie brought me to this place yesterday. I haven't seen so many hipsters in one spot since I saw Elliott Smith in concert. Add to that the fact that this place is a coffee shop but the cheapest thing on the menu was about seven dollars, and I can guarantee you I probably won't set foot in there again.

Places That Are Pretty Nice:
I'll wrap this up with a couple recommendations. So far, I've liked the Sunset area of San Francisco the best. Lots of neat stores and excellent restaurants. Hayes Street is also nice, as it's got a good video store and both Isotope and a good pizza place are located in the general area. On market there's a great Italian coffee place, the name of which escapes me at the moment. The guy who founded it was apparently a good friend of Francis Ford Coppola, and helped him out with the script for The Godfather. Cool, huh?

Okay, I'm sure there are a couple things I'm forgetting about here, but there's always future posts for them. Next post will likely cover the excellent experience I had at the early showing of Snakes On A Plane.


Blogger Laura Dunlap said...

Fantastic Nathan. I am going to have to give you mad props on this one, because this explains my experience exactly. I mean, how in the hell can people not notice a guy screaming at a sign??? Of course, I've been known to do it myself... :/

I am looking forward to hearing about your Snakes on a Plane experience. I hope it was just as enjoyable, if not more than my own.

9:18 AM

Blogger Nadelle said...

Can't wait for more tfti. So why a hangout for Professional Douchebags? Can see why you won't be going back, eew!

4:22 PM

Blogger Toxic Fox said...

so is treasure island anything like gulla-gulla island?

12:48 AM

Blogger tomthedog said...

What's up, Nathan? Where's the next post?? Glad to see you're discovering the good and bad in SF at a rapid pace. I'll have to try to remember some nifty recommendations for you at a future point. For now I will say the Giant Camera is a fun, touristy -- and most importantly, cheap (maybe free?) -- thing to visit, as is the Penny Arcade located next to it.

2:55 PM


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